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“Toronto” is Canadian for “Victory”

Thanks to everyone who came out to TCAF this weekend. Like I said at the show- Toronto is everything I love about New York, but with all the filth scraped off. A few more choice photos behind the cut!


There is always one person (or group) who brings baked goods to a comic show. Katie carried the baton this time and we relished every single cupcake. (and they were so good they made it on Torontoist.)

I’ve probably been to Canada 8-10 times, twice for shows. I’m still amazed by how friendly and enthusiastic people are every time I’m up there. If Rudy becomes the next U.S. President, I am totally defecting.

I didn’t get a lot of photos at TCAF due to my camera spontaneously disassembling itself in my jacket pocket, but I think my iPhone did a fine job pinch hitting. (You know how Magneto mentally takes machines apart? It was just like that)


Long-time reader Rick has the most amazing Charles Darwin beard.


Granulac caught this sign which declares it illegal to levitate over a cycle within city limits.


Speaking of iPhones, this was the reaction of every Canadian who first encountered it as I was using it at the con. Rogers needs to have a heart and distribute ‘em up there! People are dying!

Last but not least, I present to you the Ultimate Tattoo of the Paranormal:



I did not get this guy’s name, but really hope that someone on the internet can enlighten me! Coast to Coast AM listeners and Loren Coleman fans unite!

Edited to add: Aaron has a nice set of photos on his Facebook, you should take a peek. We webcomics folks had a cool old-fashioned classroom to ourselves, it was an excellent set-up.


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  1. D.J.,

    It is, indeed, an incredible city I’ve chosen for my home away from the States.

    My (Canadian) wife was quite impressed by the autographs on my DS collection, as well — so win-win!

  2. TCAF was great, definitely. It was really cool to see you there, too!

  3. Rick,

    Was v. cool to see you in the flesh. And contrary to how that photo looks, I was not baked at the time…

  4. Thanks Rich! I love the sketch you drew for me.

  5. the invisible phan,

    Nice seeing you there – I note the archive isn’t fixed yet so I hope you got the reminder note &_&

  6. This is the law student that was talking to you for a bit. You definitely win the Congeniality award for the TCAF (though most of the folks in that classroom were cool). Nice to meet you and come back soon!

  7. I couldn’t agree more about “Toronto is everything I love about New York, but with all the filth scraped.” I even THINK about going to New York and I need a tetanus shot.

  8. Those cupcakes really were amazing! I bet she made them from scratch and not from a box mix. I could taste the fromscratchness.

    Also, thanks for the shirt!

  9. I’m the guy with the Crypto tat! Thanks for making my arm famous!

  10. HDP,

    where are these rumoured photos? I see none!

  11. They’re right on this page! Maybe your browser hates fun.

  12. Harley,

    Just like Rick says, very cool to meet you in person, and I also was not baked at the time.

  13. Kevin,

    No offense, but Toronto and Canada have nothing to do with one another. Toronto is an american city that just happens to be a little too far north. If you want to experience Canada, go to Alberta, or the Maritimes, any of the territories, the praries, and even, though I am loathe to admit it, British Columbia. Ontario has some pockets of Canada left, but for the most part the southern regions have been fully Americanized… which is of course why Americans like it when they visit. They get to feel like they’re in a new country without ever actually having to experience anything new.

  14. Oh, Kevin. When will you peeps realize that lovin’ Toronto doesn’t mean there’s less love to go around for Alberta? For shame. Ontario will have to hang our heads (whenever we can get around to removing them from our own arses) and maybe go join with Quebec, which you also don’t list in your Canada, I happen to notice. Are you mad at somebody?

    Glad you had a great time in one of my hometowns! I’m glad they were all hospitable-like!

  15. Ashley,

    I don’t mean to be rude, Kevin, but I think it’s a little artificial to say that Canada = rurality, at this point. (I mean, I assume you’re not talking about Calgary and Vancouver and Halifax, which might be unfair of me.) The Great White North ain’t just or only those three things.

    ~ Not a Torontonian, btw

  16. Steve,

    Man, why does everyone give Toronto a hard time? It’s a great city and is a part of Canada, just as much as anywhere else! This is coming from a guy who’s lived in Toronto, Northern Ontario, Vancouver, and Cape Breton Island.

    Toronto rocks!

  17. I didn’t even make it to Kensington before they closed, sorry dude! anyhow, here is a pic of you and Scout — she might be in the toronto star this weekend, as she went to the big nasty con yesterday, dressed as supergirl ;)

  18. HDP,

    my browser hates fun!