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A Torrent of 8th Anniversary News

pdf dsBy my calculations, DS is going to hit 2000 comics in a little under two months. April is Clango’s 8th birthday. I’d like to celebrate by releasing the entire webcomic archive for free in ten volumes. It worked for Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead- not bad company to try and keep!

These files will be in PDF form, available one per week for ten weeks. You can donate if so inclined, or take advantage of ten classic shirt designs @$10.99. At the end of ten weeks, I plan to release a special anniversary art book.

All eBooks will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license. You’re free to reformat them into .CBR, Word docs, XML, whatever you like. You’re also free to archive and share them with others for free. They’re even small enough to email. Just don’t use them commercially.

Volunteer torrent seeders/posters should email me, so I can get you the files a day early and you can give me the location of your torrents.

I’m really excited to get Diesel Sweeties into the hands of new readers in a new way- and even more excited to make a sexy art book to take on tour this summer.

We begin the experiment this Wednesday, 3/12. Prepare your inter-tubes.

If your book store, record store, coffeeshop or organization would like to have me out for a signing this summer, please email!


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  1. David,

    Well, you are a very cool person.

  2. Wow, 8th birthday? Congrats Rich.
    That’s a great idea, very generous of you.
    I raise a toast to you, Mr. Stevens.

  3. Scott,

    What a great thing! Thank you!

  4. Dan,

    What day would you be planning on getting the files to the seeders? I’ve got a tight schedule, but if I’m free on the select day so I can get them up, I’ll gladly host.

  5. This is totally hawesome. I keep meaning to catch up on the DS archives, but I always lose track of where I finished off. This way I can read the whole thing in one fell swoop!

  6. Todd,

    Just wanted to let you know we love Diesel Sweeties and this idea.
    We have given you a shout out on Robot Living.

  7. Xupa,

    Congrats, R! That’s exactly the sort of thing I love to stash and it may or may not end up in a strictly hypothetical collection of slightly-less-authorized comic archives!

    How large of a file are we to expect?
    Have you forewarned (or prepaid) your ISP, bought them candy and delicious Bawls?
    Will you be releasing an official torrent seed or is that task purview of the savvy fan?

    Conspiring minds want to know!


  8. DAN!

    I was planning to put things up on Wednesday, but may drop it a day early (today) because of the strong response.


    You just summed up the first reason I wanted to do this. Having a big archive is a boon and a burden at the same time.




    We’re looking at 8-12 meg per volume. Nothing too insane. I’m getting seeders in place now.

  9. JET,

    This a great move (even if I would have preferred .cbr or cbz., which I can read on my PSP). I’ve never read DS more than sporadically, like with any web comic, but this way you may actually hook me. O’ll probably plunk down for a t-shirt come payday just to say thanks.

  10. Jay,

    This great! I’ve been meaning to catch up with the archives now it’s easy! Thank you! And I won’t kill your bandwidth costs for the month while doing it!

  11. Mick,

    What a wonderful thing to do! Categorized pages of the strips are really needed, and now a reader could create them for all of us. I always wanted to be able to find strips I can’t search easily for. We need a page of links to find things like: all the Red Robot murder sprees, or the first appearance of a specific character, or a timeline of the strip, or a specific type of strip, like “all strips referring to dinosaurs or the ghost of the gasoline in your car.”

  12. Dude…you’re cool !
    way to go ! lead the way….