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eBooks a Day Early

Response on the download announcement yesterday was so strong I’m dropping the first one a day early. See you next Wednesday for #2! (Not that kind of #2)

Yup, I’m giving out PDFs of the entire web archive under a CC license. There will be ten volumes, one per week till it’s done! You can read more about it in this blog post.

BitTorrent Downloads for Volume 1:
Don’t have BitTorrent? Get it here.

David’s Mininova Torrent.

Colin’s Torrent.

Andreas’s Pirate Bay Torrent.

Direct Downloads for Volume 1:
(Please use a torrent if possible)

Colin & pal’s mirrors:


Phillip’s mirror:


Download from DS:



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  1. Carey,

    I tried to extract the images from this pdf, and for some reason it wont work like it has with other ones.

    I was hoping to convert it to a cbr file so I could share it on my comics hubs in DC++ and stuff but for some reason it wouldn’t recognize that there were images in there.

    if anyone could help me please let me know. I am using the newest version of pdftohtml on sourceforge to try and extract the images.

  2. anon,

    You’re mentioned on the Penny Arcade podcast. Go give it a listen!

  3. Rich,
    Have you tried using a public upload service like MegaUpload or RapidShare or something similar to upload the comics?
    zShare might work too.
    I love having all the strips in one book like this. Thanks so much for this.
    And wish Clango a happy 8th!

  4. Aaron- considered, but this seems to be doing the trick! You can feel free to upload it anywhere you like though, that’s part of the deal.

    anon- I heard and was pretty worried they thought I was a “bro”. I only do “rock star punch” greetings to avoid GERMS that come from comic con handshakes.

  5. Sounds good, man. Looking forward to the next batch of DS compilations.

  6. Carey,

    I am actually going to be uploading the cbr files to rapidshare and onto a few dc++ hubs. I’ll post the links to the rapidhsare files later tonight after I’m done

  7. Carey,

    here is the link for the file in cbr format: http://rapidshare.com/files/98875037/Diesel_Sweeties_v1.cbr.html

    you can download CDisplay to view it here: http://www.geocities.com/davidayton/CDisplay.html

  8. Hi all,

    I’m mirroring the pdf on my web space :)
    The link is:

    Happy b-day Clango!

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