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San Diego and Hartford, Ho!

Before I forget! Dumbrella and special pals MC Frontalot, Chris Yates, Scott McCloud and Wil Wheaton will be at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month. (rstevens, Jon R., Meredith, Andy and Sam) We’re at booth #1335, same spot as ever.

An undetermined cadre of us will also be at Connecticon in Hartford August 1st.

I’ll have some shirts, loads of socks, tote bags and maybe some shiny new red robots.

You can, of course, drop me an email before 7/20 and I will bring you anything in my warehouse that may or may not be stocked at the show. With your name on it!


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  1. Fenn,

    Sweet, I’ll see you guys there.

  2. If only your booth was simply two doors down…


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