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The DS Hookup Chart + Bonus T-Shirt Idea (updated)

Most excellent reader Ray A. sent this chart in today. I think he caught pretty much every major romantic relationship I’ve ever written into this comic. The characters are a lot less slutty than I’d imagined!

diesel sweeties sex chart

James B. evolved it a little further here:

diesel sweeties sex chart

I’m going to be making up a big page of image buttons and banners tomorrow. In the meantime, can I get feedback on this shirt design? I kind of need to wear it…

the saddest soldier

I’m thinking about calling it The Saddest Soldier. It’s my first white shirt in a long, long time… I usually try to avoid them, but this one demands it!


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  1. hebe,

    Didn’t otakate and indie rock pete date? cause i distinctly remember she broke up with him in text!

  2. Murk,

    You forgot that Eve did it with Charles. Shown in episodes 415-417, 420.

  3. Jami,

    I would certainly wear that trooper. He looks so sadly.

  4. Arch,

    Here is where L’il Sis slept with Nipples the Bear http://www.dieselsweeties.com/archive/348

  5. TShirt: cool, maybe the image could be a teeny bit smaller?

    Love Chart: God I was surprised how much I cared about that little picture! I notice you missed uncle Grandad and the Toaster off though… isn’t Ottokate making wholesome grainy goodness with the toaster?
    And Where is Torpor? I need things lifting…

    Keep up the great work…

  6. Damien Walder,

    Isn’t that shirt a little short for a stormtrooper?

    I’d still call it the Cease and Desist pt 2: Empire Strikes Back T.

  7. pompers,

    I would TOTALLY get this…. do you ship to APO’s?

  8. APOs are U.S. addresses that take a little longer, far as we’re concerned!

  9. Ben,

    Didn’t Pale Suzie have an unrequited thing for Metal Steve for a while?

    Also, didn’t Metal Steve and Lil’ Sis date for a while before breaking up because he wouldn’t give it up?

  10. I love the shirt — though I’d never wear a plain-white shirt. (gr[a/e]y*?)

    * Spelling determined by proximity to a constitutional monarchy.

  11. Yes, I also need that shirt.

  12. Can I please pleeeeeeeease buy it NOW????



  13. John Harvey,

    Metal Steve got married and did the deed didn’t he? (“Don’t assume that flipping WOW = Mom.”

  14. lev7,

    Um . . . I hate to be obvious, but what about a character t-shirt that actually says diesel sweeties?

  15. Smithers,

    I think I got all of the ‘screwed’ links in this list:

    15. Maura and Clango
    176. Red Robot and Eve (missing from chart)
    185. Lil’ Sis and Eve
    348. Lil’ Sis and Nipples
    416. Eve and Charles (implied) (missing from chart)
    438. Suzie and Pete
    830. Red Robot and Lil’ Sis
    1083. Mike and Maura
    1196. (or before) Suzie and Clango
    Sometime before 1256. Maura and Eve
    1265. Red Robot and Maura
    2019. Freyja and Red Robot
    2021. Charles and Suzie (I’m not sure whether this actually happened – from the strip it may have been purely Suzie’s imagination
    2108. Steve and Allison (missing from chart)
    2124. Pete and Kaitlyn (missing from chart)

    I was trying to build a similar sort of chart myself, although I may have missed the 1st instance for Suzie/Clango and Maura/Eve. The last two may have happened after this chart was made so I can’t really complain about them.

    Hope this puts any remaining questions to rest.

  16. Ryan,

    #830, as the original appearance of Lil Sis and Red Robot gettin it on, was after the two of them were so “GRRR”-y over Eve’s “Getting married”

    This Has been a public Service Announcement from the “Ryan-re-reading the Comic from the ground up again, after being away for a few years Coalition.”

    God, how I’ve enjoyed this comic over the years. :)

  17. Dave,

    Heya, first time talker, love the comic and the chart has got what’s happened covered pretty well, but with the ongoing saga of indie rock pete and lil’ sis, it’s odd because they dated [implied after lil' sis didn't date joel] (#36), and then have gone unrequited both ways over time (pete #356 #395, Lil’ Sis #418) <– i know there’s a ton more then that, but i don’t feel like spending another 3 days reading every single comic again.. :). And yeah unless someone else pointed it out, metal steve and lil’ sis did date (starts at #458).

    Awesome comic. Thanks for keeping it going so long :D

  18. svax,

    The Hookup Chart wants hookup hyperlinks.

  19. Being black & white and pixelated, the stormtrooper shirt wants to be Conway’d.