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Back to School Shirts

40+ blog comments, a pile of Tweets and some email later, you folks make me confident that the world needs a Saddest Soldier shirt. I’m also bringing back the “It’s Complicated” shirt because it’s the perfect thing to wear as the fall semester opens.

saddest soldier shirt

it's complicated shirt

Please feel free to give my store a workout!


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  1. Aaron,

    Today’s comic is brilliant on so many levels.

  2. Gweedo,

    Hi R. I tried to order some skull socks for a friend yesterday but found to my disappointment that there was no option to allow me to send a postal money order as I don’t monkeybunny around with credit schemes. Greg is Goth and would go ape over the pattern. I love the strip but maybe that’s just the Diesel fumes talking. Best Gweedo