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Bacon is a Vegetable on Top Chef!

File under: SO COOL. Hosea Rosenberg wore a Bacon is a Vegetable shirt on Top Chef recently. I’ve been vegetarian for three months now and this is the man to finally make me question it.

bacon is a vegetable hosea top chef

(thanks to everyone who sent the link and screenshots!)

Video is here.


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  1. Zach,

    What happened to Maura?

  2. Chris,

    I’m going to throw this out here, maybe I’m totally out of line: Has Diesel Sweeties jumped the Shark ;)?

  3. rstevens,

    I think we’re safe on that one until the writers of Top Chef hire me to cook breakfast.

  4. Zach,

    phew, she’s ok!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was worried

  5. Marie,

    Hee! I saw that! I was raving about it to my niece and nephews. Great moments in online culture and I was there. I’m so proud. Plus the show was pretty entertaining.

  6. Stay good, creepy bearded-internet guy who is now a vegetarian, stay good!

    In all seriousness though, I’ve never been fond of the taste of meat (I only ate McDonald’s hamburgers (basically soy) and bacon (basically salt) so cutting the meat out of my diet was as simple as switching to bread only burgers. I’ve been a full vegetarian for 4-5 years now, and have never looked back at the world of gristly, veiny anonymous blocks of protein that don’t taste good without a shit-ton of spicing anyway (same is true for tofu, just minus the gristly, veiny attributes).

    If you’re missing bacon, try the Smart brand of bacon – it doesn’t have all that weird fake fat that comes on the Morningstar Farms that’s slimy unless you char it to perfection (though my fiancée likes the ones with fake fat, go figure). Frying them up slowly with a little olive oil helps mimic the greasy texture of real bacon, but isn’t likely to give you a heart attack in the shower (one of my f’s best friend’s dad died that way, suddenly, at age 50 – guy was skinny and fairly fit, just had a poor diet that gave him heart disease).

  7. k-ris,

    You are now craving bacon.

  8. Andrew from Vancouver,

    Mmmm, what would a fish made of bacon look like? The talented graphic artist behind http://www.hamburgerpanda.com/ shows us here:


    I’m not sure I’d want this fish as sushi, but I’d totally roll it in panko and then fry it in butter!

  9. Andrew from Vancouver,

    Maybe we can look forward to a Top Chef making something as delicious as this:


    Hah! Take that, arteries!


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