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Fair Trade All Hu-mans!

“When we first saw one we just started laughing,” the supervisor Mazimat Poli Begum says. “We had never seen anything like this before in our village, we don’t even have a word for it.”

The cooperative of women in Bangladesh that makes plush Red Robots for Squishable (and Diesel Sweeties, by extension) was profiled on the BBC- extremely cool!

Thanks to everyone who sent this article to me today. I’m really proud to see our stuff helping the hard-working people who made it. Not only are we helping them make a living, we’re educating them on the topic of evil robots!

plush red robot


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  1. JPL,

    Hey this is very cool.
    Just bought a plush Red Robot for my son.

  2. Laughingrat,

    Fair trade? Kickass. :-D

  3. Now that’s a type of outsourcing I can support!

  4. That’s way awesome; I previously had no idea where Squishables came from. Yes, I’m a horrible person for not yet clicking on your Squishable ads. :(

    Also, it must be said: SQUISH ALL RO-BOTS!!

  5. HamburgerMartyr,

    Whoo! I ordered a robot each for my wife and male child and a eco lemur for the female child on Friday, they shipped within two hours and arrived yesterday (Tuesday). They are awesome and so is squishables.


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