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Either a Barbie or a Bacon-Eating Robot

Oh MAN. On last night’s Letterman show, Tina Fey told the universe that her daughter wants to be either a Barbie or a bacon-eating robot for Halloween.

In honor of that and the premiere of 30 Rock tonight, I’m gonna do $14 Bacon is a Vegetable and BACONBOT shirts with free stickers all weekend. It’s like all my favorite things got smooshed together on an ice cream sundae and I suddenly wasn’t lactose intolerant.

If Tina or anyone else from 30 Rock stumbles upon this article, anything you want is on the house for being my favorite living famous person except maybe Stan Lee. If you wish to give me a spaz attack, I’m rstevens at mac.com.


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  1. Dips,

    Awesome! Power to all Bacon eating Vegans.
    I wish you would ship your products to India. Id like nothing more than wear DS socks to a meeting.