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An Experiment in iBookery

I had a few insomniac hours this weekend and did a little experiment:

waking up with the diesel sweeties cover

Waking Up With the Diesel Sweeties is a tiny little free ebook for the iPad. It contains all my comics from last month with a few tweaks, formatted in iBooks Author. This version only works on the iPad. It’s not in the iBookstore, so you’ll need to download the file and sync it to your iPad.

Three easy ways to do that:

+ Download to your desktop machine and email it to yourself to open in iBooks.
+ Toss it in your Dropbox and open it in iBooks from there.
+ Add it to your iTunes library and sync the book to your iPad.

I’ve wanted to put a comic book on the iPad since they first came out, but wasn’t super jazzed by the existing tools. Would you read more or find it easier to keep caught up if there were monthly editions available? (If this became a regular thing, of course there would also be PDF versions.)

As I home in on comic number three thousand, I’ve been doing a lot of looking back and thinking about allllll the material I’ve made in nearly twelve years. I’ve also been thinking about just how awesome it would be to get a full collection into your hands somehow— something searchable, sortable by character and with the major storylines plucked out for easy absorption. Now, I have no idea how I’m going to fund the hundreds of hours it would take to do all this … but we’ll figure that out later.

Download Waking Up With the Diesel Sweeties here.

I’ve also posted this to Google+ if you’d like to comment or discuss.


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  1. Guy,

    Great idea – the full collection. Might want to give kickstarter.com a try if you decide to ask for funds.

    Thanks too for making this free sample, and sorry about the account bottleneck.

  2. TW,

    I for one would be happy to pay for a collection like that (virtual or physical)!