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Portland Coffee Nomad

Cafe valet. Urban coffee nomad. Caffeinated paper route. A free business idea for the taking. Works best if you live in a city with a massive coffee roasting culture like Portland, OR.

You are an underemployed person who is good at Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. You enjoy walking the city, checking out all the various coffee roasters and reporting back to your followers on an hourly basis on what is fresh and exciting today. You’re good at mailing packages.

Your job? You pick up the freshest, most interesting coffee from tiny roasters who do not drop ship (and of varieties not listed online from bigger roasters) and send them by request to customers around the world. Your customers trust you as a reporter and pay a small premium to have access to the strange diversity that surrounds you. I’ll take a pound of anything at Coava this morning, please.