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@rstevens Fun Zone / Email List & RSS

Blogging stresses me out. Emails don’t, for some reason.

I need to keep a record of what I’m thinking about and might as well share it with folks who might be interested. It’ll be thoughts on staying alive as a nerd on the internet. A little business, a little gadgetry, a little art and writing, and a few dick jokes. It’ll probably be 1-2 posts a week until it’s done. Hoping to do the first one tomorrow.

You can read two ways: I’ve got a Mailchimp email list here and a hand-made artisanal RSS feed here.

Emails will be coming from dieselsweeties@mac.com and I’ll try to reply to anything thoughtful.

I know this is terribly old-fashioned, but I’m very wizened.


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  1. Michael,

    We really need to start breeding dogs the size of ponies so society can adopt them as mounts.