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Can I be in Diesel Sweeties? Will you draw me?

I can't draw everybody, but I do a contest at least once a year where you can try to be a 'Sweetie. I'll draw you as a commissioned work if you like. Email me.

Who makes this crazy strip?

rstevens (the r stands for Richard) is a one-time graphic designer who has been working on Diesel Sweeties since April of 2000. I'm a very happy Mac-user who has been on Mac OS X since the day before it was officially released. I live in a large factory building in Massachusetts, USA.

I'm heavily addicted to caffeine and my Treo. Everything I know about the world comes from listening to NPR and Coast To Coast AM. TV is only good for one thing- hooking up a Nintendo.

I taught graphic design and visual communication part-time at the Hartford Art School from 2000-2005. I can't recommend a solid graphic design background enough if you're into making comics.

I've also got a LivePoopjournal.

What? DS is gonna be in newspapers?

Diesel Sweeties is scheduled to begin syndication as a newspaper comic strip in association with United Feature Syndicate on January 8, 2007. Drop your local paper's features editor a line if you'd like to read DS every day in the funnies!

DS webcomics and newspaper comic reprints will still be right here on this site, in addition to our new venues.

How do you make this comic?

I draw it with an Apple Mighty Mouse in Adobe Photoshop using the aliased pencil tool. I'll try out new tablets, mice and drawing software if you want to send me free samples. The font you see in the comic is Jason Kottke's Silkscreen.

Where do you get your merchandise made?

Kurt at Brunetto T-Shirts has printed every t-shirt I have ever made. I mail them out myself with the help of some specially-trained robots. I get stickers from Contagious Graphics. If you order from them, tell them Clango.org sent you and we both get freebies. I really want to make action figures.

Can I sell your stuff in my store?

Sure, drop me an email and we can work out a bulk price.

Can I reprint DS strips in my publication?

Non-commercial republication of single DS strips is generally OK as long as you re-post them to your own server and do not directly link to images hosted here. Non-commercial use means using them on your blog, in a 'zine or printing one to hang near your desk. Confused? Drop me an email. If you want to use DS in a commercial publication, email me and we will work out terms.

How do I get DS via email or RSS?

To receive new strips in your email inbox five times a week, just send a message here: dieselsweeties-subscribe@lists.dumbrella.com . (To unsubscribe send one here.)

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