Want free stickers?
Here's what you do:

(USA only, sorry.)

INTERNATIONAL is OK now, thanks to some kind donors!

I can't really get into my office right now and have no conventions this year, so I'm giving away some Free Pandemic Stickers. I usually have people send self-addressed stamped envelopes, but I want you to stay home.

All I ask is that I can add you to my comics and/or store email list. (If you're already on there, that's OK!)

Email me here: dieselsweeties@mac.com

Your email must include:

📝 Which stickers from this photo you'd like. You can have up to 3 total. I may run out of some. (Planets, Pixels, Pac-Math, X-Pride.)

📫 Your mailing address.

🆗 Your OK to add this email to my comics updates and/or store email lists.


I will mail them on my rare trips out of the house. It may take a week.

If you want to sponsor more stamps and/or stickers, zap me some cash at paypal@dieselsweeties.com . I'm on Cash App as $rstevens

I have about 100 stamps and will be be addressing by hand, whee!