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"I Am Ten Ninjas" is now also a desktop image:

i am ten ninjas

10 Ninjas 1024x768 | 10 Ninjas 800x600

I use this broken and reassembled spread from DS: How I Blew My Thursday Night on my two monitor set-up at home. I had a request for more desktops, so I'm sharing them. Both are 1024 x 768 pixels in size.

Clango Pooping
Lil' Sis Barging in

Clango's chum Jonathon Elliot went and made two awesome 'Sweeties desktop pictures for all of you kids. Both are 3x3 grids of characters with a very "Brady Bunch" feel to them. They're more than worth a peek.

Main Cast 800x600
Main Cast 1024x768

Guest Stars and Rarities 800x600
Guest Stars and Rarities 1024x768

Sleepy Brett made a LOAD of DS icons for Mac OS X!
Download the .sit file here

My pal Nate sent me a little treat- a pair of icons. (Maura and Clango) I made a few small changes and added four more characters so far.

This is version two of the 'Sweeties icons. Collin, Lil Sis and Red Robot are the newest addtions. Rock on!

Download Mac Icons (in a .sit file)

Download Windoze Icons (in a .zip file)

Download Linux Icons (in a .tar.gz file) *

Linux icons are a little out of date. (Missing newer characters) Any volunteers to update the set?

Thanks to Mike Popovic of www.bedope.com and Daniel Woods for contributing to the Be OS versions of these icons. What a spiffy operating system that is.

Be OS Icons (in a .zip file)

Need help learning about icons? Go to Iconfactory.com- that's what I did. (Well, that and I asked a lot of dumb questions of the guy who makes Waferbaby. His icons kick my ass.)