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Livejournal Icons

I made these icons for an MSN Messenger site, but they make an excellent fit for your livejournals as well.

Feel free to re-save & use them. Please don't resize, crud up or otherwise uncrisp them. It would make my heart hurt. Send them to all your friends because if I get enough e-mail on the subject, I'll make more. Enjoy!

roger the cat icon sleeping roger the cat icon pissed roger the cat icon metal steve's skull icon
hungry meter icon low-battery / sleepy  icon 5.25" floppy disc icon, write-protected 5.25" floppy disc icon, write-protected
unicorn dream icon kitten front icon kitten ass icon electron mike headphones icon
new imac icon indie rock pete angry on the phone icon indie rock pete on the phone icon urinal / gotta pee icon
toaster icon toaster icon, popped up old macintosh hello icon red imac icon

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