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Syndication and the Single Robot

Good news! I have gotten word from United Features this week that Diesel Sweeties is in fact going to be a successfully launched newspaper strip in January. All the final deals and such are being signed this month, so I can't tell you the exact cities just yet. I will tell you that they are extremely cool cities and that they number more than ten but less than a trillion. They are also in the U.S.A. and Canada.

This means that starting next month, you'll be able to read DS strips twelve days a week. I put in a special request with the universe and requisitioned a whole pile of surplus days no one was using. (We got a bulk deal on unused Thor's Days from the 1300s)

This site and our oddly-formatted web comics are not going anywhere. The only changes are going to be extra comics and new places to go read them.

Here's how you can help:

Since it's crunch time on this stuff, any letters you can write to your local paper would be appreciated to the maxx. I talked the sales folks who I'm working with and we made a list of the city papers which would be most helpful to contact. If you don't see your city, never fear. I'd still really appreciate if you took the time to write.

please be nice!Please, don't talk smack about other comics when you write in. Every strip is somebody's favorite. Just let them know who you are and that you'd like them to consider Diesel Sweeties from United Feature Syndicate for a slot on their comics page.

Please address your letter to the Features Editor. A paper letter is best, but an email would also be appreciated.

One of the papers we've already signed on is the Detroit News- in fact, rumor has it they've already published some try-out strips. This excellent event was due to a good word put in by another cartoonist. The delightful Eric Millikin is friendly with the staff there and was awesome enough to give DS the thumbs-up to the editors. Recommendations and word of mouth really work.

If you're going to include a link, please use this one: http://featurebank.acquiremedia.com/?title=Bio:Diesel%20Sweeties%20Dailies

Drop me a line if you are unsure what to do. I'll try to reply to everyone who needs a hand with this.

If you work for a newspaper that would like to carry DS, drop me a line and I'll make sure you get samples and information.

You can also help spread the word on the inter-web:

Here's why it's in your interest to help:

I hate asking people to do something for nothing. Your time is valuable! That's why I'm going to give you a little present for helping out.

Anyone who writes their local paper about DS and sends me a copy of the letter will get a handy dandy signed I.D. card stating that you liked Diesel Sweeties before it "sold out". This card entitles you to a Rock Star Punch any time we meet in person. You just have to promise not to hurt me, as I am incredibly delicate. You can send a copy of your letter to my address here.

If you sent an email, please print it out and mail it in if possible! We're trying to gather real life artifacts here.

I have a theory about this whole thing. The better the launch of DS does, the better it is for web comics in general. 90% of the world has no idea that there even are comics on the internet. The more action that happens here, the better the chances of other web comics getting cool deals like this. (Thinking like this must be why I get so stressed out)

Here's why I'm optimistic:

Loads of comic slots are opening up and/or have opened up with the demise of Boondocks, impending end of For Better or For Worse and the loss of FoxTrot daily strips. Geeks and younger folks are the kind of people newspapers want to attract, so here's hoping!

To sum it all up:

Here's a magical list of newspaper contact pages:

Any letter written to any paper that runs comics would be appreciated. These cities in particular would be super useful! We are not yet running in all these cities, but we'd love it if we were.

If you think I should add a city to the list, please email me. Any city with an english-language newspaper is valid in my book.

United Kingdon
The Guardian

U.S. Military:
Stars and Stripes

Globe and Mail
Montreal Gazette
Toronto Star
Vancouver Province (Jonathan McDonald)
Vancouver Sun (Kirk LaPointe)

Arizona Star

Los Angeles Times
Send to: Sherry Stern
Assistant Features Editor
Los Angeles Times
202 West First Street
Attn: News Dept
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Orange County Register
Sacramento Bee
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Examiner
San Diego Union-Tribune

San Jose Mercury News
(Assistant Managing Editor, Pamela Moreland)

Colorado Springs Gazette
Rocky Mountain News

(my home state)
Hartford Courant
Connecticut Post
New Haven Register

Gainesville Sun
St. Petersburg Times
Tampa Tribune

Athens Banner-Herald
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Savannah Morning News

Illin' Noise!
Chicago Sun-Times

Indianapolis Star

Des Moines Register

Lexington Herald Leader
Louisville Courier-Journal

New Orleans Times-Picayune

(my adopted home)
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Springfield Republican

City Pages
Pioneer Press
Star Tribune

Kansas City Star
St. Louis Dispatch

Detroit News

New Mexico
The Albuquerque Journal

New York
Albany Times Union
Buffalo News
New York Daily News
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Syracuse, NY

Akron Beacon Journal
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cincinnati Enquirer
Columbus Dispatch
Dayton Daily News
Toldeo Blade

Portland Oregonian
Eugene Register Guard

Las Vegas Review-Journal

North Carolina
Charlotte Observer
Raleigh News & Observer

Philadelphia Inquirer
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Pittsbugh Post-Gazette

Rhode Island
Providence Journal

The Leaf Chronicle (Clarksville)
Chattannoga Free Press

Austin American Statesman
Dallas Morning News
Houston Chronicle

Salt Lake Tribune

Richmond Times Dispatch
Roanoke Times

Taxation Without Representation
The Washington Post

Seattle Times

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Here's My Mailing Address:

Diesel Sweeties
P.O. Box 272
Easthampton, MA 01027

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