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"America's Strategic Bubble Tea Reserves Are On Red Alert"

fucking coffee mug

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Comic dialogue and data: freyja and indie rock pete : wolverine can heal any injury, right? : except to his 401k. : what if a zombie ate his brain? : marvel would go (financially) bankrupt. : seriously. : seriously? wolverine has an unbreakable skull. : if a zombie ate his brain, it means zombies have learned to use simple tools. : in this case, a giant straw. : as much as i think zombies suck, that's nothing compared to how bad things would suck if zombies COULD suck. : you think my costume sucks? : i'm the best there is at what i do, and what i do's act shitty.

Who and What:

Diesel Sweeties is a pixelated webcomic by Richard Stevens 3 that has been continuously updated since April 2000. Sometimes the people kiss the robots. Be warned.

You may know me from "Bacon is a Vegetable," "I'm a Rocker. I Rock Out." or "Music I Like. Music You Like. Music I Used to Like" elitism t-shirts.

All content (c) 2000-2069 Richard Stevens 3

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