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Letters to Clango
January 8, 2004

Hey there! Welcome to our first letter column in about two years. Letter pages are disappearing from regular comic books at an alarming rate and I miss them. I've always been a do-it-yourself type, so here we go:


I was wondering what tools you use to create Diesel Sweeties. Is it just Photoshop or do you have some special gfx programs that are typically used for creating this sort of low-resolution art?


I draw everything in Photoshop with a slight assist from scribbled notes on the back of ATM and grocery receipts. I've got some more info here on the info page.

Dear Clango,

Why is the strip called Diesel Sweeties?


I played around with words that suggested love and robots until I found a pairing with some rhythm. It sure beats "Robot Boyfriend."

Dearest Richard,

I highly recommend creating a Sexy War Criminal t-shirt.

-A. Hertz

That could be fun. Anyone else interested?

Hi Clango,

Could you fill me in on why you decided to call your new kitty "John Stamos"? I don't quite understand.


Chalk this up as a case of "weird for weird's sake." I was grossed out after seeing a picture of the Olson Twins on some news site and I figured John Stamos was a terribly innapropriate name for a female kitten.

Will we ever see Charles' floppy disk shirt offered? it would be rad if the write-protect notch was the same material as the mixtape shirt so you could write-protect your shirt disk if you wanted. rock!

-Chris C.

I just added a new version of the Floppy shirt on Monday. You should be able to fill in the little tab with a laundry marker if you like.

Indie Rock Pete introduced me to The Pixies. I love you, R. Stevens. Oh... this is a Q&A column, isn't it? I should phrase that in the form of a question, right? "Did you know that Indie Rock Pete introduced me to The Pixies? In addition, did you know that I love you, R. Stevens?"

- Sleazy Pete

Don't thank me, thank my buddy Ebberman who lent me a whole ton of CDs this past summer.

Strip number 851... among the "Subliminal Advertising," in the background of the Apple computer, is that a shot from an Adult film???


Nope, it's from my upcoming Home Shopping Special entitled "I have too many old computers do you want to buy one?"

i think it would be cool if you added an emo charcter to your comic. Emo people are a lot of fun to poke fun at. Characters make fun of indie rock pete but if someone was emo there's a whole bunch of jokes that you could do because of it. It could just open up the joke availability greatly. Seriously consider it. Hows about emo eddie or somehitng, name doesn't matter now, emo does.

write back please

My only problem with doing an Emo character is I really don't have a handle on what to do with him or her. I'd be wary to add a character simply to pick on them seeing as I have so many people getting picked on already. Anyone who wants to educate me with links on the topic of Emo, please do!

Clango, what is with this John Stamos and what's going to happen when Grandpa falls in love with her!? Is Roger going to be left out in the cold! Say it ain't so!

-Matt James

Roger and the new kitten are definitely going to have to define their relationship, but I don't see Uncle Grandpa falling for the new one.

Not a comment or question on the strip but: today I visited my local all-night diner, at the parking lot of which was parked a car decorated with four DS stickers (rocker, jesus, and jerks. I've forgotten the last.) and that inspired the email. a mainstream media! despite this, we respect you.

-House Flower

Maybe it was a really old car rebuilt by hobos? That would actually add to whatever cred I might have.

Why are you so cool?


It is an invention of the Liberal Media who want to see if I'll eventually run for elected office so they can use some old dirt against me.

Is Clango safe for the enviroment?

-Richard the III

No more or less so than you and I are. He's rechargable and doesn't eat meat so he's actually pretty safe.

Do you have a question or comment about DS or any other topic which might be a tiny bit related? Drop me a line and I'll try to fit you in.

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